Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Isaac's Twizzle Top Hat

One of my co-workers is adopting a little boy from China soon. After she adopted her first little guy (Jacob), she asked me to make him a hat. I told her that I would be happy to; she picked out the Twizzle Top Hat pattern from Minnowknits, Too.

When she announced another adoption was in the works, I offered to make a hat for her new little guy (Isaac), who should be coming home in January or February. My co-worker asked for the same pattern, but in different colors. Viola!

Patricia's felted mittens

I'm on a roll with these felted mittens! I gave a pair of greenish ones to my dear friend Patricia for Christmas. I left them unfelted; she's a knitter and is very adept at felting them all on her own. Patricia is not only adept at knitting, she is my yarn guru. Patricia became my friend when she still worked at one of the Seattle LYS. I quickly dubbed her my yarn pimp because she'd call me whenever a new yummy yarn arrived at the store. Now, mostly thanks to Patricia, I have a monstrously large stash. She taught me how to identify good yarns - God bless her!! Since then, Patricia has moved on from yarn pimping to nursing, but she still shares my love of yarn and all things knit.

Cunning Jayne Cobb Hat

My Cunning Jayne Cobb hat is 90% done. WOO HOO! The main part of the hat is done, as is one of the ear flaps. I need to make the 2nd ear flap and the pom pom tonight; my goal is to finish it and bring it to show-and-tell at knitting group tomorrow.

What is a Cunning Jayne Cobb hat?? The short-lived TV series called Firefly had a fantasticly entertaining character named Jayne Cobb. In one of the episodes, his mom sent him a knit hat that is yellow, orange, and rust colored - with earflaps, no less. As soon as I saw the hat on TV, I knew that I needed to make one. I was quite surprised by how easy it was to find patterns online, so I found one and got busy making my little Jayne knock-off hat. The hat has been surprisingly fast to knit, which is always a plus!

My Wonderful Felted Mittens

I started out in search of a great mitten pattern. The first pattern I used went horribly wrong. I checked my gauge and all was great ... until I realized how HUGE (I'm talkign Jolly Green Giant) the mitten turned out. My very sweet husband suggested that I felt the darned thing. No luck - superwash wool. Plan B - he'd wear the big ol' things. Perfect! Now he's the proud owner of red mittens.

As my mitten quest continued, I found a Fiber Trends felted mitten pattern and some delicious purple Cascade 220 yarn. The pattern was a breeze and the final results were ideal ... and very warm. Ta da!!