Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Cunning Jayne Cobb Hat

My Cunning Jayne Cobb hat is 90% done. WOO HOO! The main part of the hat is done, as is one of the ear flaps. I need to make the 2nd ear flap and the pom pom tonight; my goal is to finish it and bring it to show-and-tell at knitting group tomorrow.

What is a Cunning Jayne Cobb hat?? The short-lived TV series called Firefly had a fantasticly entertaining character named Jayne Cobb. In one of the episodes, his mom sent him a knit hat that is yellow, orange, and rust colored - with earflaps, no less. As soon as I saw the hat on TV, I knew that I needed to make one. I was quite surprised by how easy it was to find patterns online, so I found one and got busy making my little Jayne knock-off hat. The hat has been surprisingly fast to knit, which is always a plus!


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