Friday, January 06, 2006

Suede Basketweave Scarf

My most recent project is a basketweave scarf made with a deep purple colored yarn (Suede by Lion Brand). I'm making it for a friend of ours whose birthday is on Saturday. She doesn't want us to make a big deal about her b-day, but we still want to give her something to open. Because she is officially my Eric's friend (from college) and a fairly new friend to me, I figured the least E could do was pick out the yarn from my stash. I started out making mittens, but the first one just wasn't very nice looking. It looked more like a beginner's project, not the work of someone who has been knitting for 6+ years. SO, I frogged the mitten and decided to make a scarf. I was watching TV while figuring out a pattern and I found myself doing a 4-stitch, 6-row basketweave pattern that looks quite nifty with the yarn's texture and color. Yippee!! I'm hoping to add a little more length to the scarf tonight and will wrap it up in an adorable Chinese Food take-out container gift box thingy.


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