Friday, February 24, 2006

Knitting Olympics - DONE!!

I put the final touches on my Knitting Olympics project and couldn't be happier with it if I tried. The pattern and yarn were a dream to work with. Now, who to give it to...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Eric's sweater update

I've been plugging away at Eric's sweater and am still unsure of how this thing will come together. I'm knitting on blind faith that the pattern creator isn't secretly laughing because people like me are following bad directions. The selling point of this sweater is the fact that no sewing is required, aside from sewing down the doubled over collar. Theoretically, when the sleeves are knit, I'm done. We'll see...

The torso to the arm holes is done and I'm close to being done with the sleeve increases. I'm supposed to do the increase for 7 inches and I'm just around 6 inches into it.

I've had to shift gears for the Knitting Olympics. I couldn't find the hat kit that I was going to use. OOPS! Apparently, it is still in the "to be unpacked" boxes left over from last year's move. Unfortunately, I also realized my storage box of worsted weight yarn isn't with the rest of my stash. It looks like I'll be heading out to our storage area to see if I can find the illusive items. But I digress... anywho, I've decided to make a baby sweater using a pattern I got in Bellingham, WA just about a year ago. I don't have anyone in particular to give it to, so I'll keep it in my "done" bin and will find a home for it eventually. I'm going to use a pretty green (and soft) wool that I picked up from Elann. Can't wait for the torch to be lit so I can get going on this project!