Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Where, oh where has my sleeve gone

I was SO impressed with myself last night. I was making fantastic progress on Eric's sweater sleeve. I had him try on the sweater to check my progress and realized I was nearly done with the 1st sleeve, but still had 16 stitches to decrease (2 every 6th row). "Hmmmm, that seems odd." I thought. I decided to consult my nifty pattern and realized I was supposed to decrease to 61 stitches and then work even, not decrease to 41 stitches (which was the number my wee brain seemed to latch on to). Soooooo, I frogged it to the spot I should have stopped decreasing and am now working even on 61 stitches. Oh well, at least I know it'll be right this time around! (Unless my numbers inability sabbotages my knitting again!)


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